BC Moves Into Step 3 Of Restart Plan 

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BC Moves Into Step 3 Of Restart Plan 

Just yesterday, July 1st, British Columbia moved into the provincial government’s Step 3 of the restart plan. After being in a restricted lockdown for a few months, this move means quite a few changes for BC residents. 


This means increased capacity for gatherings, permitted domestic travel Canada-wide, and regulated events. Read on to learn more about what exactly Step 3 of BC’s 4 Step Restart Plan looks like. 


Step 3 of the Restart Plan began because over 70% of the province’s 18+ population is vaccinated with their first dose. This was determined according to both a decline in COVID-19 case numbers and an increase in vaccinations among all people ages 18+ in the province. These numbers are monitored, along with a decline in COVID-19 hospitalization and the mortality rate in the province. 



As of yesterday, masks are solely recommended in indoor public spaces for everyone 12+ who is not yet fully vaccinated.


Personal Gatherings

There is a return to normal for indoor and outdoor personal gatherings and sleepovers


Organized Gatherings: 

Indoor gatherings of 50 people or at 50% capacity is permitted. Furthermore, outdoor gatherings of 5,000 people or 50% capacity is permitted. There are no longer any restrictions on capacity for religious gatherings or service. Lastly, fairs and shows are permitted to return to normal as long as there is a plan in place. 




All domestic, Canada-wide travel is permitted. 



Restaurants, bars and pubs are permitted to return to normal liquor sales hours and there are no longer group number limits on indoor or outdoor service. However, there remains no socializing between table groups or dancing



Offices and workspaces are permitted to return to normal operations with larger meetings as long as a plan is in place. 



All indoor fitness facilities are permitted to return to normal capacity. Outdoor spectators for games are to increase to 5,000 people or 50% capacity and indoor to 50 people or 50% capacity. 


You can get more information on the provincial government’s re-start plan and learn more about Step 4 here.

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