7 Bakeries That Make The Most Beautiful Cakes In Vancouver

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7 Bakeries That Make The Most Beautiful Cakes In Vancouver

Whether it’s your birthday or not, these cakes are so beautiful, we’re sure you can find a reason to bring one home.

Here’s 7 of the most beautiful cakes you can order from Vancouver’s best bakeries.


1. The Federal Store

This hidden neighbourhood cafe, the Federal Store, is a long-time favourite of ours for a morning coffee and breakfast sandwich. However, their speciality cakes are some of the most beautifully decorated and delicious in the whole city. Their instagram is filled with stunning features of  their famous Honey Cardamom Sprinkle Cake or mouth-watering Vegan Double Chocolate Cake. They have a huge selection of cakes for any occasion to chose from, just make sure you order in advance!


Location: 2601 Quebec St, Vancouver, BC


2. Sweet Obsession 

Home to tons of different sweets and pastries, Sweet Obsession is a top-contender in Vancouver’s most delicious cakes. With over 27 different kinds of flans, pies and cakes – there is bound to be one that catches your eye. Our personal favourite is the St Honore; a puff pastry and choux balls delight filled with vanilla pastry cream and chocolate mousse. You absolutely have to try this one.


Location: 2611 W 16th Ave, Vancouver, BC


3. Trafiq 

Trafiq is one of Vancouver’s most popular bakeries and for good reason! Their European style baked goods are of the finest quality and that sure includes their cakes. Although a bit more on the pricey side, their blueberry lemon cake is a guaranteed crowd pleaser. If you’re looking for something to brighten your day, you can’t go wrong with any of their cakes.


Location: 4216 Main St, Vancouver, BC


4. Butter Baked Goods 

Butter Baked Goods has been bringing customers back year after year with their beautiful and festive cakes. The intricate detailing of the flowers and arguably some of the best icing we’ve ever tried makes them one of our favourites since we were kids. Also, their cafe is just so cute and cozy, we could spend all day here.



Location: 4907 MacKenzie St, Vancouver, BC


5. Brilliant Star Bakery 

If you wanna be a bit extra for your birthday this year, Brilliant Star Bakery takes their decorated birthday cakes to the extreme. Not only is the design professional, but the cakes are made with all organic, fresh ingredients and 40% less sugar. Check out all their different cake flavours and be sure to call well in advance before you order a cake here.


Location: 638 Beach Crescent Vancouver, BC


6. Fratelli Bakery 

This award-winning, authentic Italian bakery has been a staple in the community for years. From seasonal delights like their Apple Cinnamon Cake to classics like their Chocolate salted caramel cake, they’ve got everything. On their instagram you can see all the beautiful cakes they’ve made for confirmations, birthdays, and pretty much any celebration you can think of. We love how family-orientated and personable the team is at Fratelli.


Location: 1795 Commercial Dr, Vancouver, BC


7. Daily Delicious Bakery

This bakery out in Richmond is another spot that has really beautifully crafted cakes. They also have super unique flavours like Taro, Yam and Mochi, Rose Lychee, and Black Sesame if you want to try an asian-flavour inspired cake. The presentation alone of their cakes makes us want to pick one up asap.


Location: 110 – 2811 No. 3 Rd, Richmond, BC


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