The 14 Most Beautiful Hikes Near Vancouver You Can Take Your Dog

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The 14 Most Beautiful Hikes Near Vancouver You Can Take Your Dog

Rain or shine, here´s 14 of the most beautiful hikes you can take your dog on near Vancouver!


1. Mystery Lake

This relatively short hike on Mount Seymour is a picturesque treat, no matter the weather. Wander along the well maintained board walks until you find this stunning lake. It´s a favourites for pups of all sizes!


Distance: 3km, elevation gain 150m

Difficulty: Easy


2. Dog Mountain

Could there be a better name for a hike with your furry friend than this? Dog Mountain, another on Mount Seymour, offers fun river crossings and fantastic views of the Lower Mainland.


Distance: 5km, elevation gain minimal

Difficulty: Easy


3. Norvan Falls

A bit of a longer adventure with your pup, Norvan Falls is a stunning forest hike out of Lynn Canyon.  This beautiful waterfall is a wonderful treat after the long trek through the second growth Cedars.


Distance: 14km, elevation gain 195m

Difficulty: Intermediate


4. St Mark´s Summit

Arguably one of the most stunning views of the Howe Sound, St Mark´s Summit is a long time favourite of ours. The hike itself is very well marked so you and your pup can relax and enjoy the journey without getting lost.


Distance: 11km, elevation gain 450m

Difficulty: Intermediate


5. Murrin Loop and Jurassic Ridge

This beautiful hike near Squamish is a unique vista of the Howe Sound. A relatively easy loop up to the top of Watt’s Point Summit and back down past Browning Lake gives you the best of both worlds on this fantastic hike.


Distance: 2.4km, elevation gain 160m

Difficulty: Easy


6. Lighthouse Park

A lovely spot right in the city, Lighthouse Park has an enormous network of trails for you and your dog to explore. Be right by the water and experience the refreshing ocean breeze in the lush forest.


Distance: Depends on the trail, but can be 6km, elevation gain minimal

Difficulty: Easy


7. Derby Reach

This huge natural reserve out by Langley is a nice switch up to your typical mountain hike. The forest here is so peaceful and there is plenty of space for your dog to explore off-leash – everyone will love it.


Distance: 8km, elevation gain minimal

Difficulty: Easy



8. Jug Island Beach

Up in Indian Arm, Jug Island Beach is a stunning destination for a hike. Belcarra has tons of other trails to explore, including their Bluffs that give you panoramic views of the inlet. Enjoy!


Distance: 5.5km, elevation gain 100m

Difficulty: Easy


9. Lindeman Lake

Close to Chilliwack Lake, this beautiful hike is a nice day-trip out of the city with your dogs. Relatively short and not too difficult, everyone is able to get a glimpse at this crystal clear lake.


Distance: 3.4km, elevation gain 300m

Difficulty: Intermediate


10. Pacific Spirit Park

Another huge network of trails right in the city, Pacific Spirit Park is a convenient location for a nature-escape without having to travel far. You can start up by UBC and wander all the way to Jericho underneath the stunning tree-tops, following the various boardwalks and paths.


Distance: Depends on the trail, but can be more than 10km, elevation gain minimal

Difficulty: Easy


11. Big Cedar and Kennedy Falls

Another awe-inspiring waterfall you can visit with your dog, Kennedy Falls is a bit less busy than other spots. The famous Big Cedar tree was one of the only in the area to not be logged back in the day, and hints at what the North Shore looked like before. It’s pretty spectacular.


Distance: 10km, elevation gain 150m

Difficulty: Intermediate


12. Buntzen Lake

This fantastic trail is one frequented by many dog lovers. There’s something so special and calming about this lake tucked in between the mountains that have us coming back time and time again.


Distance: 10km, elevation gain 110m

Difficulty: Easy


13. Tunnel Bluffs

The Tunnel Bluffs is a classic hike up in Lions Bay, that although gruelling at the start, is so worth it for the views. Relax and soak it all in with your dog at one of the most beautiful vistas on the North Shore.


Distance: 11.5km, elevation gain 470m

Difficulty: Intermediate


14. Diez Vistas

This special lookout point in the Indian Arm is a hidden gem. Way less busy than those along the Sea to Sky Corridor, you and your dog will love it up here. Connect this with your hike to Buntzen Lake and you´ve got a fantastic day on your hands!


Distance: 15km, elevation gain 440m

Difficulty: Intermediate


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