These Vancouver Island Beaches Will Make You Wanna Hop On A Ferry Right Now

Sophia Quinn Sophia Quinn

These Vancouver Island Beaches Will Make You Wanna Hop On A Ferry Right Now

With summer beginning to draw to a close, we’re trying to take advantage of the few sunny weekends we have left. It’s the best time to explore our beautiful province and check out some incredible beaches on the island.


1. Mystic beach 

Mystic beach, another beach along the Juan de Fuca, has a huge rope swing and a beautiful waterfall. A 2km walk through the huge forest down to the beach, the entire trip is an adventure through the iconic Pacific Northwest.

2. Cox Bay Beach

An iconic Tofino beach, Cox Bay is another favourite in the area. The long, never-ending bay is incredibly picturesque and another go-to for surfers.

3. Sombrio beach 


A local favourite spot for the surf break, this beach is the best spot to watch the waves from the edge of the forest. Sunrise and sunset, to no fail, you’ll catch surfers catching the golden light on the waves.

4. San Josef beach

This stunning beach looks like out of the tropics. The long lengths of bright yellow sand and the hidden caves make this hike a must-see. Located along the West Coast Trail, its remoteness and untouched beauty is unmatched.

5. Sandcut beach

With 10-15ft waterfalls that spill into the ocean, this beach is really something special. Located along the Juan de Fuca straight, it’s a perfect close-by spot for a sunset swim and waterfall sighting on the island.

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