Stanley Park Nightly Closures Extended After Rapid Increase In Coyote Attacks

Sophia Quinn Sophia Quinn

Stanley Park Nightly Closures Extended After Rapid Increase In Coyote Attacks

Vancouver’s popular Stanley Park will close nightly from 7PM – 7AM in an effort to reduce the risk of coyote attacks.


Visitors to the park can expect this temporary closure for the foreseeable future while the park board seeks out the outstandingly aggressive coyotes. Given that dawn until dusk is when these creatures are most active, the park will remain open during daylight hours. Please do exercise caution at all times and avoid direct close encounters with the animals.

While coyote attacks are not new to our city, the rise in attacks on pets, children, and even adults points to a uniquely higher risk than normal. This summer in particular, we’ve seen a series of attacks in Stanley Park, which has lead conservation officers to escalate the controls on the park since their initial warnings.


Besides searching for the particularly aggressive animals, the park’s board is advising the public on long-term and sustainable methods to manage the wild population of coyotes in the park. Primarily, signs detailing the dangers of direct and indirect feeding of the park’s wildlife aims to educate visitors.


Although Stanley Park is right in the city, it’s important to remember that it is still a wilderness area and home to creatures we must treat with respect. Properly disposing of garbage and other attractants will help manage the coyote-human relationship in the park and avoid unnecessary encounters.


If you encounter an aggressive coyote, callĀ  1-877-952-7277 to report it.

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