5 Reasons You Have To Check Out The All-New Da Vinci Exhibit

Sophia Quinn Sophia Quinn

5 Reasons You Have To Check Out The All-New Da Vinci Exhibit

Here’s 5 reasons why you have to check out the all-new Da Vinci experience in Vancouver.


1. Admire more than 10 impressive replicas reproduced by Florentine artists

Both in-scale and full size, the incredible replicas of Da Vinci’s most awe-inspiring inventions are on full display. More than 10 replicas, reproduced in the finest detail by authentic Florentine artisans, will give you a true appreciation for his work.

2. Try for the first time the Da Vinci Oculus VR experience

This one-of-a-kind VR experience will take you back in time to Da Vinci’s workshop to discover the rich history behind his greatest inventions. This state-of-the-art technology is a truly unique experience that gives you an insider’s look into Da Vinci’s artistic process.


3. Get lost in a 360º immersive room

Built with evolving digital displays, sound effects, projection mapping and more – the Da Vinci experience enables a completely new way to appreciate the art, designs and inventions of one of the greatest artists of all time.


4. Join the party

More than 3 million visitors all over the world have tried this revolutionary art experience, and this is the first exhibition in Canada! Be a part of the rapidly evolving art and culture scene, and immerse yourself in this widely popular exhibition.


5. Blow your mind at the sheer size of the exhibition

The exhibition is 12,000 ft in the Tsawwassen Mills Shopping Mall and enables a closer look at the artist’s many impressive inventions. Unlike any other experience you might have had with the artist’s work, this presentation exclusively in Canada will delight any lovers of the Renaissance period.


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