Starting This Wednesday You´ll Need A Day Pass To Visit Mount Seymour Provincial Park

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Starting This Wednesday You´ll Need A Day Pass To Visit Mount Seymour Provincial Park

From December 15th 2021 until March 31st 2022 if you plan to visit Mount Seymour between 7am and 4pm, you will need book 1 day pass per vehicle. Vehicle day-passes cover up 8 people max and must be reserved on an AM or PM basis.


The new Mount Seymour Provincial Park day pass applies to all those accessing the backcountry and does not include visitors to the Seymour resort, whose lift ticket includes access. The passes are completely free and can be booked up to 48 hours in advance.

Given how popular the winter trails are in the park, we highly suggest booking a pass in advance. This new day-pass mirrors that of the last two summers and is part of a new BC Parks Pilot Project to manage overwhelming visitation numbers in the province´s most popular destinations all year round. Please note, there will only be 192 vehicle passes allotted each day for the entire park.


In recent years, several of the province´s most beautiful sites have seen huge increases in visitation numbers. While we are all-for inclusivity and accessibility in the outdoors, more visitors does often mean more environmental degradation. To curb this impact and also monitor the amount of people visiting these popular trails, the day-pass system was implemented for the first time two years ago. However, until now it has only been used in the summer.


Popular winter hiking trails in Mount Seymour Provincial Park includes Dog Mountain, Mystery Lake, and Seymour Main – all of which will now require a day pass. If you plan to overnight in the backcountry, you will need to book consecutive day passes for the entirety of your trip.


Be sure to book your Mount Seymour Provincial Park day pass online 48 hours in advance. Cell service is also limited, so don´t forget to either print or download your pass beforehand.


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