Support The Incredible Downtown Eastside Not-For-Profit Boxing Studio

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Support The Incredible Downtown Eastside Not-For-Profit Boxing Studio

Proudly supporting the Downtown East Side since they opened back in 2012 – the community-driven team at Eastside is really one-of-a-kind.


Through their inclusive programs, this unique boxing club and community centre works to bring down barriers and create opportunities for those in the Downtown Eastside that might otherwise not have access. 100% committed to fostering a welcoming community for all demographics, Eastside Boxing Club is a fun and safe place for pro, amateur and recreational boxers.

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Known around Vancouver for their Aprons for Gloves fundraiser, Eastside Boxing has been supporting the community in the most impactful ways through their youth programs, Frontline Fight Club and Downtown Eastside Empowerment programs. These programs give those without access otherwise an opportunity to decompress, learn valuable skills like self defence, and be apart of a tight-knit and supportive community.


Since 2019, their After School Program has helped over 500 youths from the DTES with free boxing 3x a week. The volunteer coaches and team from Eastside Boxing teaches not just the importance of exercise but also serves as a safe space for mentorship and community building. Furthermore, their Peer-Leadership Program takes these lessons a step further by training the fundamentals of fitness, nutrition and other leadership skills for them to go on to serve their own communities.



Their Parents and Tots Program and Self Defence Programs are weekly or bi-weekly boxing, strength and self defence courses for women who’ve experienced trauma or violence in the community. These programs empower women, female-identifying and all members of LGBTTQQ2S community both physically and mentally and often include free child-minding and food that they might not otherwise have.


Additionally, their Frontline Fight Club has been gaining a lot of traction as it directly supports DTES frontline workers affected by the taxing opioid crisis. The work that these programs do is long-lasting and truly fosters real personal growth for all those involved.

Image courtesy of Eastside Boxing

We really recommend learning more about their cause and considering donating for the holidays! Check them out and show some love!


Where: Eastside Boxing Club 238 Keefer St Vancouver BC

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