The 9 Tastiest Fall-Flavoured Treats To Try This October

Sophia Quinn Sophia Quinn

The 9 Tastiest Fall-Flavoured Treats To Try This October

There’s nothing like cozying up on the couch with a warm drink and a fall-flavoured dessert when it’s cold and grey outside. Now that it really feels like fall with all the rain, it’s an easy excuse to treat yourself to some sweet goodies from the best bakeries in Vancouver.

Here’s 9 of the most delicious fall-flavoured treats you should try in Vancouver this month.


1. Cartems Donuts 

You can always bet on Cartems for having the best flavours of donuts, especially with their weekly specials. Luckily, they are featuring their delicious (and vegan!) Pumpkin Spice donut with a cardamom drizzle and candied pumpkin seeds. There’s also a gluten-free version, so everyone can enjoy this delightful fall-flavoured treat before the end of the month!


Location: 534 West Pender and 2190 Main St


2. Beaucoup Bakery

The perfect fall treat mashup in the form of a classic french pastry, you’ve got to try the Grand Apple Pie Croissant à la crème from Beaucoup Bakery. With roasted apple slices, almond frangipane and  streusel, it doesn’t get sweeter than this. Oh and it comes with an 8 oz jar of salted caramel crème Anglaise custard to dip. *Drooling*


Location: 2150 Fir St


3. Thierry Chocolates 

A fall-twist on the classic crème brûlée, Thierry has got a spiced pumpkin version for you this month. For those wanting a fancy take on this seasonal flavour, you’ve got to pick up a few of these for your next dinner party. Yum.


Location: 1059 Alberni St and 265 E 10th Av


4. Florist 

Perhaps a fall-treat that can last the whole year, the Apple Cinnamon Turnovers from the famous Florist Bakery are something of a staple in our diet. Like a mini pie, these delicious fall-flavoured treats seem to satisfy all those harvest cravings of ours. You’re gonna want to grab a few to share (or not hehe).


Location: 3433 Commercial Dr


5. The Pie Hole

Once you hit October, it’s almost like pies are a right-of-passage. And if you’re searching for the top quality pie in Vancouver, what better place than The Pie Hole? A personal favourite of ours is their Bourbon Pecan Pumpkin pie. A combo of all the iconic fall flavours, this will change the way you think about pies. This spot also has tons of fantastic vegan options like their Vegan chocolate hazelnut pie so there’s something absolutely delicious for everyone.



Location: 1864 West 4th Av Vancouver and  7832 6th St Burnaby


6. Butter Baked Goods 

This super cute bakery always has the most delicious cakes and goodies but we can’t help but gush over Butter‘s collection of fall-flavoured cookies and treats. The perfect dessert for kids and adults alike, how can one not smile taking a bite of their little ghost shaped marsh mellows?


Location: 4907 MacKenzie St


7. Trafiq Cafe and Bakery 

This fantastic European bakery is the best in all things cakes and pies. And what better fall-flavoured treat than the simple pumpkin pie? In our humble opinion, Trafiq‘s pumpkin pie is one of the best in the city. But seriously, you’ve got to try for yourself.


Location: 4216 Main St


8. Earnest Ice Cream

Normally when you think fall desserts, ice cream doesn’t come to mind first. However, Earnest does things a little differently. With a whole line up of fall flavours including an apple pie, pecan cinnamon swirl, and vegan pumpkin spice pepita – it’s the coolest way to spice things up this season. Let us know which of their awesome selection is your favourite, cause we can’t decide.


Location: 3992 Fraser St, 1829 Quebec St, 1485 Frances St, and 127 W 1st St North Van

You also can buy pints at tons of different retailers around the city.


9. Livia Bakery

This delicious Italian bakery, restaurant and wine bar is all-round delicious, but Livia‘s pastries are out of this world. If you’re wanting something totally unique to try this October, you have to try their brioche roll with chocolate hazelnut whipped cream. This melt-in-your-mouth hazelnut filled is the most goozy and tasty fall-flavoured treat you can imagine.


Location: 1399 Commercial Dr

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