Have You Been To This Insane Hot Sauce Tasting Bar In Kits Yet?

Sophia Quinn Sophia Quinn

Have You Been To This Insane Hot Sauce Tasting Bar In Kits Yet?

Looks for a crazy night out with friends that doesn’t involve alcohol but is equally as fun? This hot sauce tasting session at the Hot Spot Hot Sauce on 4th is insanely tasty and perfect for a not-your-average night out.

This hot sauce shop in Kits has a huge bar filled with the hottest sauces you can find in the city. Seriously professional, these guys know what they’re doing with over 250 different kinds of sauces. See if you and your friends can handle the heat…

Picture this. You and some friends hit up a couple of kits’ top pubs for some take-out *plain* wings and fries. The ideal dipping vessel. Next, you head on down to the shop and muster up the courage for the wings challenge. Here, you’ll face off on who can handle the hottest sauce. Otherwise, you can do a traditional tasting or a saucy game of team building questions brought to you by the house.

It’s a creative, fun-filled and tasty change up on a night out. The cost? Included in the purchase of the hot sauce that you chose to take home with you. Does it get any better than this? It’s the perfect night out for anyone that needs a little spice.


Book your group hot sauce tasting session here and let us know what you think! And if you fall in love during your visit, be sure to sign up for their monthly hot sauce club!


Location: 2862 West 4th Ave, Vancouver

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