How To Spend The Perfect Morning At Granville Island 

Sophia Quinn Sophia Quinn

How To Spend The Perfect Morning At Granville Island 

For many Vancouverites, a sunny, weekend morning calls for a relaxing trip to Granville Island. With so many cute shops and local businesses, the perfect morning at Granville Island requires a few stops to satisfy all your cravings. 


1. Grab a Coffee 

Before any great day, a caffeine fix is required. While Granville Island has plenty of great cafes inside the Public Market, our personal favourite is Petit Ami. Grab a latte or iced coffee before starting off your stroll through the rest of the market. 

2. Stock on the finest produce, deli meats and cheeses 

Visiting Granville Island almost requires one to stock up on charcuterie. With plenty of little local shops, you’ll easily find the best meats, cheeses and fresh bread for a dinner party or even just a nice picnic later. 


Oyama Sausage Co, for one, has some of the finest quality sausages, pates and cured meats in the city. Trust us, it’s worth the line. Looking for cheese? The Benton Brothers Fine Cheese is a family owned and operated cheese shop with an incredible selection. You’re going to want to try a few. Last but not least, just outside of the Public Market, you’ll see A Bread Affair. This bakery is seriously the spot for some fresh, organic artisan bread. 

3. Check out local galleries 

A mecca for local artists, Granville Island is home to tons of different galleries. The Wickaninnish Gallery, for example, is indigenous owned gallery that was founded all the way back in 1987. Home to stunning carved wooden sculptures, stone carvings, paintings and jewelry – you’ll see the incredible artistry of local northwest indigenous artists. 


4. Listen to live music 

Hang around the square in front of The Bread Affair or over by the ferry dock long enough and you’ll probably hear some live music. It’s so relaxing sipping a coffee, listening to music and people watching along the water in Granville Island. 

5. Pick up some fresh flowers and plants 

Is there a more wholesome way to spend a morning at the market than picking up some fresh flowers or plants for your home? The Granville Island florist has a beautiful selection of bouquets and arrangements to gift yourself. You deserve it. 

6. Walk the seawall 

Once you’ve done your fair share of exploring around Granville Island, link back up to the False Creek Seawall. Nestled under the Granville bridge, the stroll towards the Cambie bridge is filled with beautiful marinas, coves and parks. The views along this part of the water really offer a different perspective to Vancouver’s incredible skyline. 

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