North Vancouver’s Lesser-Known, Stunning Fresh-Water Swimming Spot 

Sophia Quinn Sophia Quinn

North Vancouver’s Lesser-Known, Stunning Fresh-Water Swimming Spot 

Following a bit of grey-weather, we’re all itching for a warm, sunny day by the water. Although the beaches around Vancouver are nothing to complain about, there are plenty of stunning fresh-water lakes nearby that require a bit of adventuring. 


As of right now, the many glacial pools on our bucket list have too much of a snow-pack for a dip. Luckily, there are many lower-elevation hidden swimming spots for you to discover like Granny’s Cove. 

Well-known by locals for its incredible cliff jumping, it is way less busy than the nearby Lynn Canyon 30ft Pool and easier to get to than the walk along train tracks to Lion’s Bay. Located in Capilano Canyon, you’ll have to climb down the huge hill by the Suspension Bridge via Chinook Trail to reach the water.



Be prepared with towels to dry off from the freezing water temps and proper foot-wear for the walk because finding the spot alone isn’t for the faint of heart. And be sure to send us some photos once you find it! 

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