A New Online Shopping Directory Is Making It Easier To Shop Local In Vancouver

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A New Online Shopping Directory Is Making It Easier To Shop Local In Vancouver

Supporting local businesses just got so much simpler thanks to Not Amazon.

There’s a growing movement across Canada to shop local instead of buying goods from e-commerce giants such as Amazon. Although it can be tempting to conveniently buy something from Amazon, the money from those purchased goods could instead go towards supporting businesses in the local community instead of large corporations.

That’s why many prefer to buy stuff locally, and doing so just got a lot easier thanks to the Vancouver edition of Not Amazon. Created in collaboration by Ali Haberstroh and Becky Jones, this alternative to Amazon is a new shopping directory that allows you to search through an online list of local businesses in Vancouver.

Hundreds of local mom and pop shops are listed on Not Amazon for you to support during these tough pandemic times and beyond. You can search through the full list of businesses or filter by several categories such as Books, Food, Wine + Beer, Jewelry, Floral + Plants, Home Decor, Vintage, and more. The website also allows you to add more small businesses to the list in case you notice some of your favourites are missing.

Even Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is encouraging us to shop local. He says, “we need to do our part, as Canadians, to lean on each other, to be there for each other, and to support everyone as we get through this pandemic.”


Whether you are looking to get some gifts for the holidays or to just buy something you need around the house, this buy-local initiative is a fantastic way to get that done while simultaneously discovering and supporting local businesses that exist in Vancouver.

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