This Hidden Nudist Beach Along Marine Drive Is Way Better Than Wreck

Sophia Quinn Sophia Quinn

This Hidden Nudist Beach Along Marine Drive Is Way Better Than Wreck

This hidden nudist beach is the best place to catch some rays in your birthday suit without running into everyone you know. As much as we love Wreck, Tower Beach has the same vibe with the stairs and secluded beach – just with way less people.

Located at the corner of Northwest Marine Drive and Chancellor Blvd, take Trail 3 down to Tower Beach. Much like Wreck’s stairs, the Tower Beach stairs are frequented by people working out or those heading down for a swim. You’ll walk down through the iconic Pacific Northwest coastal forest and be greeted with a secluded, hidden beach.

More than just a stunning, secular beach, Tower Beach is also home to Vancouver’s old, World War II watch towers that give the beach its name. Clearly out of use now, the towers stick out on the rocky shoreline with incredible views of the North Shore mountains.


Tower Beach is a really great alternative to the busyness of Wreck, if you still want the secluded and off-the-beaten-path vibe. Head there for a chill sunset picnic or for a late afternoon workout as the sun starts to go down. And if you feel like heading over to where the party’s at, take Foreshore trail that wraps all the way around the point to Wreck.