Did You Know That There’s A Totally Spooky Ghost Town Located Right In Whistler?

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Did You Know That There’s A Totally Spooky Ghost Town Located Right In Whistler?

If you’re searching for a spooky abandoned town to visit before Halloween, look no further. Parkhurst, a small ghost town once home to a logging settlement on Green Lake, is located right in Whistler. This short hike is the perfect spooky season adventure.

You barely need to leave the highway to check out this hidden ghost town near Vancouver. Use your imagination and be amazed by the eerie history of this abandoned site.


The History of Parkhurst

Parkhurst, British Columbia was originally a logging and mining settlement on the northeast shores of Green Lake. Over 70 people lived and worked here in the early 20s at its peak, before the tragic accident of the owner Malcolm Barr, when he drowned in the lake

Image courtesy of the Whistler Museum

The mill was operating until 1956 before being eventually abandoned in 1966. A once flourishing settlement gave way to the instability of work in the area and now all that remains are the few remnants of life – old kitchen appliances, cars, and decaying homes.


How to Get There

If you’re trying to Parkhurst from Vancouver, simply drive as you would to Whistler and continue north of the village towards Green Lake. You’ll make your first right off Highway 99 towards Wedgemount Lake trail, which crosses Green River. Go right at the fork in the road, towards Whistler Paintball. You’ll follow this section of the Forest Service Road for about 1km until you reach two yellow gates – this is where you should park.

Image courtesy of Google Maps


The trail itself is just over 5km and rated from an easy-to-moderate hike. You’ll find the trail head (part of the Sea to Sky Trail) behind the second yellow gates but you’ll be starting off along this gravel road. At first, you’ll cross a bridge over Wedge Creek, continuing along the road. The trail is marked with orange tape, and if you’re ever in doubt, just follow the Sea to Sky Trail markers. Once you pass a power transmission tower along the gravel road, you’ll see the Parkhurst trail sign on the left.



What You’ll See

Once you reach the trailhead for the loop through Parkhurst, you’ll encounter all the eerie objects of the abandoned ghost town you’d expect. Use your creativity to imagine the once bustling life that existed in the now abandoned buildings and cars. The array of historical artifacts like an old stove and rusty machinery are all a delight to explore when you picture their long history.

Image courtesy of Happiest Outdoors

The most intact site in Parkhurst is the old (now graffiti covered) cabin. This spooky dwelling is the most iconic site in all of the ghost town, so be sure to snap a few shots exploring around it. Afterwards, a short detour towards the water will  reward you with beautiful views of Green Lake’s crystal clear waters and the spectacular mountain range behind.


A once booming logging settlement – now only remains of old machinery and homes. It’s pretty spooky if you think about it. There are plenty of ways to get into the Halloween spirit, but exploring an abandoned ghost town might top the list.


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