5 Perfect Lookouts To Observe The Full Harvest Moon Tonight

Sophia Quinn Sophia Quinn

5 Perfect Lookouts To Observe The Full Harvest Moon Tonight

Does anything scream fall as much as a brilliant orange moon in the night sky? This evening, the harvest moon is set to light up Vancouver and here’s five perfect lookouts to observe it in all its glory.

The full harvest moon is expected to reach its peak at 10:54PM PST tonight, September 20th 2021. This means that the moon will be its brightest and most orange at this time! Be sure to snap some pics for us.


1. Cypress Mountain

Only a short drive up the winding road near West Vancouver, the Cypress lookout is a perfect spot to see the full moon. With unobstructed views atop the mountain, you’ll be able to see the sparkling lights of the city as the moon rises over the mountain.


2. Porteau Cove

If you feel up for the trek, Porteau Cove Provincial Park (just north of Lions Bay) is a prime spot to view the harvest moon. Far enough away from the city lights, you’ll see all of its natural glow. Post up on the old pier and admire the moonlight on the ocean.


3. Whytecliff Park


Wanting to see the moon by the water but don’t want to stray too far from home? Whytecliff Park on a normal day is stunning, but lit up in the moonlight? Next level.


4. Jericho Beach

A fantastic ocean-side location if you want to see the mountains and city lights from a distance. The pier down by the Jericho Sailing Center is a great spot to see the harvest moon, surrounded by all the best views in Vancouver.


5. Iona Beach

If you’re looking for a quieter place to admire the moonlight, Iona Beach is the way to go. Tucked in right by the airport, you can watch the planes land while the glowing orange moon illuminates the sky. It’s very peaceful out here.

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