Skipping Trick-Or-Treating? Here Are 9 Safe Things You Can Do For Halloween

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Skipping Trick-Or-Treating? Here Are 9 Safe Things You Can Do For Halloween

There are alternative ways to celebrate Halloween instead of trick-or-treating.

With everything that’s been going on this year and COVID-19 case numbers still rising around the world, trick-or-treating might not be the best idea. To prevent further spread of the virus in our communities, some are choosing to avoid activities such as trick-or-treating that could lead to getting in close contact with others.

With fewer trick-or-treaters out and about this year, Halloween isn’t going to be the same… but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate in other ways! For those who choose to stay at home for Halloween, there are still plenty of safe options to have some spooky fun with the family, and we’ve listed nine of them for you below.

1. Dress up and throw a virtual party at home 

Halloween just isn’t Halloween without dressing up and decorating. So why not still put on a costume, decorate the house, and maybe even throw a virtual Halloween party at home? Simply connect with others through video and let the mischief begin.

2. Make some monstrous Halloween treats 

Just because we aren’t going door to door doesn’t mean we can’t get any candies or sweets! Instead of buying candy from the store, how about trying to make it at home? You could make Halloween-themed cookies, cupcakes, candy apples, Halloween bark, and more by following one of the many do-it-yourself recipes available online.

3. Watch spooky Halloween movies

Halloween is the best time of year for watching scary movies and shows. Nothing beats curling up next to the TV and watching a marathon of spooky classics such as Hocus Pocus, Beetlejuice, The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Addams Family, Casper, or any other titles you enjoy!

4. Tell frightening ghost stories 

A good ghost story is sure to get you in the Halloween mood. You could read a frightening book or recount a tale from memory, or perhaps better yet, tune into a virtual haunted campfire where the world’s best ghost storytellers share their terrifying tales with you.

5. Make a Jack-o’-lantern

Carving out a pumpkin is a must-do Halloween tradition! There are an infinite amount of ways you can design your own personal jack-o’-lantern, so every pumpkin is unique. Making a jack-o’-lantern is a fun, easy way to bring your Halloween to the next level.

6. Throw a haunted game night


You could set up typical Halloween activities for your family such as bobbing for apples or cornhole, play a spooky board game like Clue, try to communicate with the other side with a Ouija board, or even play hide and seek with your costumes on. There is no shortage of Halloween games out there, so just pick some and start playing!

7. Organize a Halloween candy hunt

If you can’t go to the candy, how about you bring the candy to you? For some family-friendly fun, buy some candy and hide it around your house and property. Like an Easter egg hunt, your family can then search for the hidden sweets (using clues, if needed!) and enjoy them together afterwards.

8. Make a frightening fort

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Making a blanket fort is fun, but building a frightening fort for Halloween is even better. Simply set up a regular blanket fort and add Halloween-themed decorations to spookify your creation. You could even go make-believe trick-or-treating!

9. Get your paint on

Face painting is a simple, enjoyable activity for all ages, and it can double as a costume by painting some spook-tacular designs on your faces. Alternatively, you could get a plain face mask and paint that into something devilish for Halloween. 

Even though trick-or-treating is not going to be the same this year, you still have plenty of ways to trick-or-treat yourself and your family. Hopefully next year our Halloween celebrations can return in full force.

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