The Iconic Othello Tunnels Have Just Reopened For The 2021 Season 

Sophia Quinn Sophia Quinn

The Iconic Othello Tunnels Have Just Reopened For The 2021 Season 

Looking for an adventure this weekend? The infamous Othello tunnels in Hope, British Columbia are a must-visit now that they’ve reopened for the 2021 summer season.

Located only 2 hours away by car, the Othello Tunnels are totally unique and incredible day-trip adventure for Vancouverites. A short 3.5 km loop, the trail takes you through numerous old train tunnels and bridges by the Coquihalla River in Hope, British Columbia.

Built back in the early 1900s, these tunnels used to be a part of the Canadian Pacific Railway’s route to the Kootenay Region. Since, the Othello Tunnels have been restored as part of the Kettle Valley Railway route that is enjoyed by cyclists and hikers.

The vistas along the Othello Tunnels trail is a must-see. Following a stunning boardwalk along the river, you’ll go by wild cliffs and tunnels built right into the mountain. The railway itself actually spans three mountain ranges and the Coquilhalla Gorge – a 300ft deep valley of granite. There are five tunnels along the loop that make it the perfect short adventure trip for you and some friends.


Location: Hope, British Columbia

Trail: 3.5km round-trip, approximately 1 hour

Driving time from Vancouver: approximately 2 hours 

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