The Most Beautiful Stops Along The Sea To Sky Highway

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The Most Beautiful Stops Along The Sea To Sky Highway

Most Vancouverites can say they’ve done the drive up to Whistler…but have they really done the drive? What would you see if you gave up trying to beat the weekend traffic and instead slowed down to see all the beautiful stop along the way?

Now that we can travel and can get back on the road, it’s the best time to explore along the highway instead of simply rushing up. There is so much beauty around here that is best experienced by getting out of your car!

1. Stanley Park

Before you head over the Lions Gate Bridge, take a short detour around the Stanley Park loop. From here, you can hit lookout spots like Prospect Point or the Tea House to take in the incredible views of the city.


2. Lighthouse Park 

Rather than taking Taylor Way up to the 99, go via Marine Drive. This way, you can enjoy following the stunning coast line of West Van and visit some of their waterfront parks. 


or Whytecliff Park

Just a bit past Lighthouse Park, you’ll find Whytecliff Park. This is just one of many incredible cliffs into the ocean where you can watch the boats go past. Trust us, Marine Drive is the nicest detour from the Sea to Sky.


3. Porteau Cove 

Tucked along the Sea to Sky, you’ll see the iconic Porteau Cove pier. From here you can check out the scuba divers, Canadian geese, and all the wildlife that frequents this part of the province.

4. Shannon Falls 

A classic turn-off just before Squamish, Shannon Falls is an awe-inspiring vista for tourists and locals alike. Take your time exploring the trails around to witness the incredible waterfall from every angle.


5. Alice Lake

Alice Lake is one of many stunning lakes that line the highway past Squamish. Although very busy on a hot day, Alice Lake truly has unbeatable views. Bring a floatie and cool off in this fantastic escape.

6. Brandywine Falls 

Another beloved waterfall on the Sea to Sky corridor, Brandywine Falls is a perfect quick pull-off. Not a far walk from the parking lot, you’ll be able to see these waterfalls in all their glory as well as admire the valley before entering Whistler.


7. Rainbow Park 

Instead of continuing along the Highway towards Creekside, make a right turn to follow the back road behind Alta Lake. This way, you’ll be able to visit Rainbow Park. Here, you’ll find beach volleyball courts, plenty of grass space for a blanket, and if you’re lucky – a food truck. How could you not want to take a quick dip with those mountains behind you? 

8. Alpine Cafe 

Loop back to the Sea to Sky highway North via Alpine Meadows and take a pit stop at the market there. Alpine Meadows Cafe has the best lattes and to-go snacks like rice krispie treats. Chill out in the sun on their patio with Whistler locals and get stoked for the rest of your weekend! 


Be sure to check out these iconic spots next time you’re escaping the city for the weekend! 

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