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Goodbye Double-Cupping: Tim Hortons Switches To Recyclable Cardboard Sleeves Next Month

By Gabriel Nunes

The famous Canadian brand is double double-ing down on its sustainability initiatives for Waste Reduction Week.

If you like your coffee hot and frequent Tim Hortons, you may begin to notice something different next month. Starting November 4, Tim Hortons is no longer going to double cup hot beverages. Worried about your coffee being too hot to handle? The chain will replace the double-cupping practice by using 100% recyclable cardboard sleeves instead.

This change is estimated to eliminate around 200 million cups from landfills per year, which is supposedly the equivalent of wrapping half the Earth’s circumference with Tim Hortons cups.

This latest announcement is just one of a series of sustainability initiatives that have been unveiled by Tim Hortons for the 2020 Waste Reduction Week. In addition to stopping the double-cupping practice next month, Tim Hortons has committed to implement a variety of other sustainable practices in 2021.

Tim Hortons’s announced sustainability initiatives:

Sustainability Initiative: Tim Hortons will stop the double-cupping practice
Start Date: November 4
Expected effect: Will eliminate 200 million cups each year

Sustainability Initiative: Tim Hortons will significantly improve their current paper napkins (to be made with 100% recycled fibre and use 25% less material)
Start Date: Early 2021
Expected effect: Will save 900 tonnes of paper each year

Sustainability Initiative: Tim Hortons will start using paper straws
Start Date: Early 2021
Expected effect: Will e
liminate 300 million plastic straws each year

Sustainability Initiative: Tim Hortons will use fully-recyclable paper-based wrappers (instead of the plastic-lined wrappers currently used)
Start Date: Early 2021
Expected effect: Will reduce 460 tonnes of plastic and use 17% less paper each year


“We’re committed to the simple principle of doing what’s right. As one of the largest restaurant companies in Canada, it’s both our responsibility and opportunity to advance sustainability however we can,” said Hope Bagozzi, Tim Hortons’ Chief Marketing Officer.

These sustainability initiative announcements align with the Government of Canada’s recent announcement to eliminate the use of harmful single-use plastics and are expected to have a significant positive impact on the environment. 

[Featured Image Source: Facebook / Tim Hortons]

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