Vancouver-Owned Coolers To Try This Summer

Sophia Quinn Sophia Quinn

Vancouver-Owned Coolers To Try This Summer

We’re approaching June and that means more days at the beach with friends. Be sure to support local by picking up these Vancouver-owned coolers next time you’re at the liquor store!



Founded in Vancouver’s Olympic Village, Nude was one of the first on the wave of sugar and sweetener-free coolers. Initially known for their Nude Vodka Sodas, they’ve since expanded with Gin Soda, Iced Tea, Tequila Soda and Hard Seltzers. All of their canned drinks are 100 calories and 0 carbs, making them an ideal drink to have “nude”. 



Specializing in Vodka Sodas, Nutrl started in Delta back in 2013. Since then, this classic spritzer has launched their Nutrl7 based with 40% more premium vodka per can. Nutrl boasts one of the cleanest, smoothest vodkas and is also a proud donator of Vancouver’s Covenant House. Their super-fun merch features bucket hats, inflatable pool floaties and even onesies that you can rock with your friends all summer long. 



Small-business owned, Pyur Beverages is another local favourite in Vancouver’s Spritzer scene. Their drinks are unsweetened, gluten free and only 90 calories. With 7 fun flavours like coconut, blueberry and passion fruit, this brand wants Vancouverites to Power Your Unique Reality with the perfect summer drink. 



Tempo Craft Gin 

Made by the same distillery as Nutrl, Tempo is made with a range of clean, small-batch gins. Tempo Craft Gin makes 5 fun flavours that are light and refreshing but their Lemon Mint is their most beloved combo. If you’re wanting to switch it up from the typical Vodka Soda cans, Tempos are the way to go. 


Fit Hard Soda 

New to the scene, Fit Hard Soda is up-and-coming spritzer flavoured with monk fruit, an all-natural sugar alternative. With zero sugar, zero preservatives and zero gluten, this local company is making waves with their unique take on the clean, vodka soda scene in Vancouver. Be sure to give them a try next time you visit the liquor store! 


Coco Frio

Another newbie to join Vancouver’s serious cooler scene is Coco Frio. Made in small-batches right here in British Columbia, this cooler company is made with 33% coconut water. With zero added sugar and BC triple distilled vodka, this spin on your typical Vodka Soda is a must-try for the summer.

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