Vancouver’s OG Refresh Beverage, Coco Frio, Is A Must-Try This Summer

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Vancouver’s OG Refresh Beverage, Coco Frio, Is A Must-Try This Summer

It’s no secret that Vancouver is home to tons of coolers and refresh beverages. But have you ever tried the one that existed before it became trendy? 


Coco Frio, owned and operated by Courtney Jensen, was born in 2015 from her overwhelming desire to create a quality drink and brand that supports the Vancouver community. While pursuing a masters in business online, Courtney spent time in El Tunco beach in El Salvador to surf. There, her and her friends would buy fresh coconuts filled with coconut water and add some local rum – a drink coined, Coco Frio or Coco Loco. 

After returning back to Canada, her and her bartending colleagues were disappointed in the only coolers on the market. The hangovers after nights out, drinking Mike’s hard or palm bays, were brutal with all the added sugars. So, Courtney, like many others, wanted something that represented what consumers really wanted. Remembering the days sipping spiked coconut water on the beach, she decided to develop her own refresh drink, Coco Frio. 

The first flavour Courtney developed was lime, her now best-seller. As the first refresh beverage on the market at the time, she would tour the province, store to store, to promote her innovative canned vodka beverage. Even a few years ago, coconut water was not nearly as recognized for its health benefits, and canned vodka sodas didn’t even exist in BC, so as a solo woman in the liquor market, she has had to fight long and hard to get Coco Frio out there. Despite the obvious obstacles, she believed in the quality of her beverage and in the inclusive, authentic messaging behind her brand, and ran with it. 

Made with 33% coconut water from Malaysia, BC triple distilled vodka, sparkling water and natural flavours, Coco Frios represented the perfect summer cooler. The hydrating electrolytes from the coconut water make the hangover compared to other coolers significantly less and offer that crisp, refreshing flavour we all love. Since she started, Courtney has developed three flavours, lime, pineapple and mango, that are all priced competitively with other coolers, despite their addition of quality coconut water. 


If you needed another reason to support this 100% woman-owned business, then you should know that Courtney donates 5% of sales from 1 flavour of the month to a Vancouver-based organization that supports women and minorities. In the past, sales have gone to Rainbow Refugees, an organization out of Vancouver that raises money for LGBTQ+ people coming to Canada as refugees because of their orientation. This June, sales are going to @Endingviolence and next month, to the Pacific Association of First Nations, which will provide university scholarships for indigenous women. 

Since she’s started, support has gone to women artists, entrepreneurs and other meaningful initiatives that make Coco Frio as much a part of Courntey’s social life as her professional life. Coco Frio has always had social responsibility as a pillar of their brand. She really just wanted to create something that real people in her community would drink, not just those that fit a particular aesthetic. Coco Frio is a drink for everyone and aims to be a part of Vancouver’s authentic and diverse community that gives back in tangible ways. 

Vancouver’s original refresh beverage, Coco Frio is not just a healthy option for a refreshing cooler, but also one that truly supports our city. Next time you’re at the liquor store, ask for a Coco Frio and enjoy the taste of arguably Vancouver’s most authentic cooler. 


Check out their website  for where you can find a store nearest to you with Coco Frio in stock.

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