6 Spots Where You Can Admire The Leaves Change Colour In Vancouver

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6 Spots Where You Can Admire The Leaves Change Colour In Vancouver

Wanting to admire the stunning fall foliage but not travel too far from home? Luckily, there are so many incredible spots right in Vancouver where you can do so. There’s no shortage of locations that showcase the beautiful autumn colours.

Take a walk on a warm sunny day sometime this week and admire all the beautiful colours!


1. Queen Elizabeth Park

Given that it’s the highest lookout in the city, Queen Elizabeth Park is a stunning location to check out the fall foliage right in the city centre. The treetops really shine in all their brightest colours with the incredible backdrop of the North Shore mountains. Spending an afternoon here, wandering through the beautiful gardens sounds like the perfect fall day.


2. UBC Botanical Garden

A year-round delight, the UBC Botanical Gardens feature so many beautiful kinds of flowers, plants and trees that make for a picturesque adventure. This location spot is also home to the Greenheart TreeWalk, a 305 metre bridge walk among the tree tops. This way, you’ll be able to see the leaves up close!


3. Deer Lake Park

Deer Lake Park in Burnaby is another fantastic location for a walk in the forest, plus you get the tranquility of the water. The 5km trail around the lake is a great opportunity for a stroll, where you can admire the changing colours of the leaves and the reflections on the water. Even on a rainy day, it’s beautiful here.



4. The Sylvia Hotel by Stanley Park 

The iconic Sylvia Hotel on Beach Avenue is a popular site for Vancouver-based photographers to capture the fall foliage right in the city. Take a moment here to check out the changing leaves that colour this heritage building before heading over to Stanley Park.


5. Van Dusen Botanical Garden

Also the home to the stunning festival of lights, Van Dusen is filled with tons of beautiful trees and plants. You could spend a full day getting lost among the trees here and reading by the ponds. The contrast of the fall colours here are pretty spectacular.


6. Burnaby Mountain

Burnaby Mountain is a beautiful spot in Vancouver to admire the fall foliage. The golden leaves on the trees and the unique vistas of the Indian Arm and Deep Cove provide a totally different experience than elsewhere in the city.


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