Where You Can Find Montreal-Style Bagels In Vancouver

Sophia Quinn Sophia Quinn

Where You Can Find Montreal-Style Bagels In Vancouver

Anyone that has been out east knows that Montreal-style bagels are next level. Luckily, Vancouver has a few spots where you can find close to the real thing.

Authentic Montreal-style bagels are boiled in honey water and cooked in old-school, wood fired ovens. The result? Slightly sweet, golden crunchy crust and a distinctly rich flavour. Trust us, it’s unbeatable.


1. Siegel’s Bagels 

Probably the first bagels spot that comes to mind, it’s probably because of their awesome location right in Kits Point. This classic spot is open 24hrs almost every day of the week, and is a go-to for late night cravings.

2. Rosemary Rock Salt 

With three locations all around the city, Rosemary Rock Salt is a easy spot for Montreal-style bagels. We can’t get enough of their drool-worthy breakfast sandwiches.

3. Solly’s Bagels 


Another specialty Montreal-style bagel spot, Solly’s arguably has some of the best cinnamon buns in the city too. This place is an awesome choice for affordable eats!

4. Mont Royal Bagel Factory 

Located in North Van, Mont Royal Bagel Factory has really taken the Montreal theme to heart. Made fresh daily, this spot has been opened for 20 years and also has a location in Victoria!

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