The Long Anticipated Yoko Ono Exhibit Is Opening At The Vancouver Art Gallery Tomorrow

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The Long Anticipated Yoko Ono Exhibit Is Opening At The Vancouver Art Gallery Tomorrow

The Yoko Ono exhibit, Growing Freedom, is opening tomorrow October 9th 2021 at the Vancouver Art Gallery! A collection of iconic collaborative work with John Lennon, this exhibit is an intimate look into the creative process of these impactful artists.


Focusing on the foundational themes of action, participation, and imagination in their work, the exhibit sheds light on the collaborative process behind their artistic ventures. You’ll get an in-depth look on the behind the scenes of her art work and activism with John Lennon that is central to her mission.

A two part exhibit, the instalment highlight’s Ono’s unique and radical methods of creation and her joint peace projects with her late husband. The best part is that visitors are welcomed to participate in the creative process by hammering nails into canvas or mending broken china.


It’s a totally immersive experience that really connects you deeper to the artist and her work. If you’re visiting, make sure to bring your own headphones to participate most fully in the audio-visual content.

Furthermore, if you’re interested in participating in the exhibit even further, you can send submissions to be featured in Yoko Ono’s Arising exhibit on harm inflicted on women. If you self identify as a woman, you can submit your testament of harm with full creative freedom and photograph of your eyes on the VAG website.



The Yoko Ono Growing Freedom exhibit is truly unique with its participatory elements so be sure to pay a visit to the Vancouver Art Gallery sometime soon!


Tickets: Book your tickets in advance here for the opening day tomorrow or visit on Tuesday nights between 5 – 8PM by donation!

When: October 9th 2021 until May 1st 2022

Where: Vancouver Art Gallery at 750 Hornby Street

Hours: Tuesday and Friday 10am – 8pm, Monday, Wednesday-Thursday, Saturday-Sunday 10am – 5pm

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