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This BC-Owned Sustainable Fashion Brand Is The Perfect Addition To Your Summer Wardrobe

By Sophia Quinn

Ecologyst was born in B.C. and its sustainable and ethical manufacturing practices make it a fantastic local brand to support this season. Their high-quality, all natural materials make all their pieces long-lasting and capable of holding up against our province’s sometimes crazy weather conditions. Clearly strong believers in the slow fashion movement, their motto, Fewer, Better, speaks to their desire to reduce waste in the manufacturing and production process, as they choose to opt for smaller, limited collections. 

Image courtesy of Ecologyst

Their versatile clothing makes it a great choice for outdoor activities as well as just staple pieces for the every-day. For example, their 400 Organic Collection has the comfiest sweat-suits for men and women, with fleece milled, dyed, and finished all in Canada. Meanwhile, their newest, Work Wear Collection has stylish pieces like The Chore Coat and the Work Pant that are both structured and fashionable. Even better, all of their clothing items are Guaranteed For Life making it completely free for a repair or exchange if it ever becomes worn-out.

Image courtesy of Ecologyst

Enjoy some guilt-free shopping upgrading your summer wardrobe when you support this local manufacturer that seamlessly balances sustainable fashion and timeless style. Investing in pieces from companies who, like many of us, believe in keeping “Beautiful British Columbia” beautiful, makes Ecologyst a great brand to add to your collection. Crack open one of these Vancouver Owned Coolers and feel good supporting locally owned brands in style. 



Image courtesy of Ecologyst