The 8 Most Authentic French Bakeries In Vancouver

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The 8 Most Authentic French Bakeries In Vancouver

Here are 8 of the very best French bakeries in Vancouver.


1. Bâtard Bakery

A completely family owned and operated bakery, Bâtard Bakery is our go-to French bakery for the most delicious breads and desserts in Vancouver. Highly regarded as one of the best bakeries in the city, picking up a coffee and breakfast sandwich is pretty much guaranteed to make your day better. We simply can’t get enough of their freshly-made tarts and buttery croissants but then again, what’s not to love here?


Where: 3958 Fraser St, Vancouver

When: Wednesday-Sunday 8am – 4pm


2. Beaucoup Bakery

The bakery with the biggest line in Vancouver on a Saturday morning, you know they’re serving up delicious French treats. They seriously have a massive selection of pastries, in tons of unique flavours. They’ll have you wanting to go back to try something new with each visit. They even have tons of vegan and plant based treats like their “The Peak”, a Cruffin-style pastry with almond coconut whipped ganache and activated charcoal and cassis blueberry jam…We’re drooling…


Where: 2150 Fir St, Vancouver

When: Monday-Friday 9am – 4pm, Saturday-Sunday 9am – 5pm


3. Plaisir Sucré

This authentic French bakery holds a very special place in our hearts. A family owned business on Arbutus, while they may not have a huge social media following, their freshly baked bread and pastries are some of the very best French treats in Vancouver. You walk in here and it’s just so French – with people gathered to just hang out, talk and enjoy the casual atmosphere. We love how family oriented it is.


Where: 2668 Arbutus St, Vancouver

When: Tuesday-Saturday 7:30am – 6pm, Sunday 7:30am – 5pm


4. L’ Atelier Patisserie

Another one of the top rated bakeries in Vancouver, L’Atelier Patisserie is home to some of the most authentic French pastries you can find. Their head chef, Franck Buiron, comes from the South of France and ensures that the bakery only uses the most fresh and local ingredients in the creation of everything at the bakery. They also have Saturday Specials that showcase their creativity and expertise with treats like their Yuzu croissant!


Where: 260 East 5th Ave, Vancouver

When: Wednesday-Sunday 8:30am – 2pm


5. Le Marche St George


One of our favourite hidden cafes in Vancouver’s residential neighbourhoods, Le Marche St George is a consistently delicious French bakery and cafe. Tucked into a quiet corner, Le Marche has a distinctly European-vibe. Whether it’s the delicate crepes and quiches, the ambient music or the round marble tables outside, enjoying a slow morning at this neighbourhood joint is the best.


Where: 4393 St George St, Vancouver

When: Tuesday-Friday 8am – 3pm, Saturday – Sunday 8am – 5pm


6. La Baguette et Compagnie

La Baguette et Compagnie is another of Vancouver’s finest French bakeries. Baking exclusively with the freshest and highest quality ingredients like 100% pure fresh butter, you can really taste the difference in all their sweet treats. A completely French-owned bakery, they really stick to the traditional methods of French baking. We can’t get enough of them.


Where: 3273 West Broadway Vancouver

When: Tuesday-Saturday 8am – 5pm, Sunday 8am – 4pm


7. Marche Mon Pitou

This fantastic French eatery in Vancouver opened earlier this year in February and has been drawing crowds ever since. You’ll be able to find a hefty selection of sandwiches, all on their organic sourdough and baguettes, made in house. Oh and not to mention, their huge variety of french pastries, cakes and goodies of course. Their location also offers a full dine-in menu if you’ve got some time to stay and relax a while.


Where: 1387 W 7th Ave, Vancouver

When: Every day 8am – 6pm, Brunch 10am – 3pm


8. Merci Boulangerie

Run by Natalie Cumberbirch, an experienced baker from some of the best French bakeries in Paris, Merci Boulangerie is her “attempt at bringing a small part of Paris” to Vancouver. Our favourites have to be their rich, Chocolate Babka, filled with sweet and salty butter chocolate cream. Otherwise, you can’t go wrong with a classic almond croissant or pain au chocolat. Order online and get all these classic French pastries delivered right to your door!


Where: 150-1507 Powell St, Vancouver (but they also offer deliver service!)

When: Pick up on Fridays 12pm – 4pm, Deliveries on Tuesday and Saturday 8am – 12pm


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