12 Things Every Vancouverite Does When The Weather Gets Warm

Sophia Quinn Sophia Quinn

12 Things Every Vancouverite Does When The Weather Gets Warm

June-uary is finally over in Vancouver. The sun is shining and temperatures are supposed to be in the high 20s all week which means people will be out and about, enjoying the city in its prime. 


As the weather gets warmer, there are 12 things you’ll find every Vancouverite doing a lot of: 


1. Gets active on the seawall 

Whether its rollerblading, on bikes, or just for a long walk – you can always find the Stanley Park or False Creek seawall packed on a sunny day.


2. Doesn’t mind standing in line for a solid hour for brunch 

After a day out in the sunshine, most Vancouverites will happily wait for a quality brunch at a local spot. Some things are just worth it, like pancakes


3. Takes a dip in a glacial lake 

True Canadians know that no lake is too cold for a dip.


4. Picks up fresh produce and sweet treats. 

Vancouver is home to plenty of farmer’s markets and there isn’t a more wholesome pastime than shopping at your local produce stand.


5. Goes for a hike 

A sunny day calls for getting out in nature and the Sea to Sky provides plenty of hikes to make this happen. You can bet the trails are filled with Vancouverites escaping the city heat.


6. Needs an ice coffee or kombucha 

What better way to start the morning than a stroll to a local cafe for a cold drink?



7. Takeout picnic with sushi or pizza at Kits Beach 

The Vancouver takeout staples always make their way to a blanket on the beach – and we’re not gonna stop doing it.


8. Gets out on the water 

Every Vancouverite gravitates toward the ocean as soon as it gets hot. We just can’t help ourselves when it comes to watersports.


9. Sunbathes with some coolers

A blanket, a speaker, some coolers and friends – nada más. 


10. Hits a patio for happy hour  

It’s almost like a right of passage for Vancouverites when we get a bit of sunshine. We all crave a cold drink and fantastic view on a patio.


11. Instagrams a photo of the city with the caption about “Beautiful British Columbia” really living up to the name. 

Someone had to say it…


12. Grabs an ice cream to beat the heat 

Vancouver has tons of delicious ice cream spots, all scattered around the city. However, the Rain or Shine ice cream truck, parked in English Bay, might just be the most convenient spot to grab a treat by the water.

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